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Since 2004, Velocity has been providing innovative mortgage programs to brokers, in turn helping their clients accomplish their goal of owning investment real estate. Our vision is to give brokers the tools they need in order to help individuals and business owners fund their investment dreams in a way that traditional banks and other mortgage lenders simply cannot.

Our successful 'No Income Verification' programs, and satisfied clients have now made us one of the nation's leading commercial lenders. As of October 2016, we've surpassed $1 Billion in total loans in our portfolio. Whether you are a new broker, or an experienced pro, we can partner with you for the most convenient, cost-efficient solution for your borrower.

There's no reason for your clients to face rejection, complications, or unreasonable terms for their funding needs. Put Velocity's nationwide network to work for you today.




Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Brokers Part 3: In-Person Networking
This is part 3 of a 5-part series aimed at helping mortgage brokers develop a marketing strategy that is both effective and manageable. Be sure to check back or subscribe to our blog for more tips. It's important to realize that in order to create an effective marketing initiative, it's not necessary to be a pro in every aspect, but rather be able to incorporate a few different tactics done very well. While we are big fans of the power of social media for generating new leads, it's important not to overlook good old-fashioned in-person networking.