Velocity’s Women in Real Estate (WIRE) initiative is designed to encourage more women to participate in real estate investment.

Women-owned businesses in the U.S. generate over $1.7 trillion in revenues and employ millions of workers. Yet, studies show that many women face difficulties in securing traditional bank loans for residential investment and small commercial properties, including less favorable terms and higher interest rates than their male counterparts.


As a direct portfolio lender, we set our own underwriting rules, making it easier for us to qualify self-employed real estate investors and small business owners who don’t fit the criteria for a traditional bank loan.  And because our female borrowers typically have higher credit scores and lower default rates, we’ve created a special program to provide them with additional incentives to choose Velocity. These include a free appraisal, discounts on underwriting fees and a credit on closing costs for first-time Velocity borrowers, which can reduce their closing costs by as much as $5,000.

With more flexible terms and special incentives, it’s time to make Velocity your “go-to” lender for the extraordinary female real estate investors you service.  Because every borrower deserves an opportunity.


Every Vision Needs Velocity

To learn more about the benefits of our WIRE initiative for female borrowers, contact your Velocity Account Executive or complete this form to request more information.

If you are a borrower, we will share the information you provide with one of our preferred brokers.