Durham, NC

When the bank wouldn’t finance the purchase of this assisted living facility, we did so in just 30 days thanks to the flexibility of our asset-based investment property mortgage solutions. Our FlexPerm program allowed the borrower to lock in

Durham, NC

Miami, FL

The owner of a private yacht booking service needed a new office to expand his business in Miami.  Because this waterfront building was a mix of residential condos and commercial office suites, it didn’t meet GSE requirements for a

Miami, FL

Los Angeles, CA

After two months of waiting for another lender to provide the terms they originally promised, the borrower on this single-family fix-and-flip purchase was close to giving up. Velocity stepped in to close the deal in just 26 days, saving

Los Angeles SFR

Brooklyn, NY

This property was initially struggling to qualify for traditional financing. Because of our quick turn-around time, great terms, and flexible underwriting guidelines, we were able to close this Brooklyn-based 2-4 unit triplex in 22 days with a great 30-year

Brooklyn Triplex

Miami Gardens, FL

This small commercial investor required a 30-year, fully amortized loan with no balloon payment for a large warehouse. With the flexible underwriting requirements of our FlexTerm mortgage program, our investment property specialists were able to meet the investor’s needs


Brisbane, CA

The investor wanted to buy this San Francisco Bay property and the existing retail business but couldn’t secure the financing with a traditional lender. Our team of loan specialists was able to deliver financing for the property, as well

San Francisco Bay Retail