Los Angeles, CA

Foreign investor? No problem.  Specifically designed for foreign investors without U.S. credit, seasoning of funds, or other U.S. investment experience, our Foreign Investor program allowed us to close this beautiful single-family investment in just 44 days.

Los Angeles, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Even though the buyer of this 5-unit, multi-family property was a seasoned real estate investor, the property didn’t qualify for a traditional bank loan. When the broker turned to Velocity for a solution, we offered our FlexPerm loan. With

Santa Barbara. CA

Phoenix, AZ

The self-employed investor for this single family rental property in Phoenix needed a long-term, fixed-rate mortgage and a quick, 27-day close to acquire the property. Their broker recommended our asset-based FlexTerm mortgage program with a flexible 30-year term as

Phoenix AZ SFR