Franklin, TN

To use this 10-acre ranch house as a short-term vacation rental and event venue, the investor needed a cash-out refinance to rehab the property and attract renters. Our FlexTerm mortgage program provided a long-term, fixed-rate with flexible underwriting and

Franklin, TN investor 1-4

Brandon, FL

The broker had an investor who was struggling to build their portfolio. After purchasing their first property, by way of conventional lending, they found it difficult to receive funding for a second purchase. The broker led them to Velocity,

Monteverde, FL

Riverview, FL

The borrower came to Velocity with a complicated hard money portfolio and required assistance coordinating a more stable, long term solution. They ended up closing multiple deals with us, including this SFR refinance that quickly closed with a more

Riverview, FL

Brooklyn, NY

This property was initially struggling to qualify for traditional financing. Because of our quick turn-around time, great terms, and flexible underwriting guidelines, we were able to close this Brooklyn-based 2-4 unit triplex in 22 days with a great 30-year

Brooklyn Triplex

West Chester, PA

An experienced borrower wanted to begin purchasing investment properties for their son, with the hopes of growing his budding real estate business. The borrower’s longtime broker sought an investment property lender that could deliver expert service and close quickly.

West Chester, PA commercial office

Miami Gardens, FL

This small commercial investor required a 30-year, fully amortized loan with no balloon payment for a large warehouse. With the flexible underwriting requirements of our FlexTerm mortgage program, our investment property specialists were able to meet the investor’s needs


Southern Shores, NC

Our team closed the loan for the purchase of this beautiful beach-adjacent single-family rental property in just 7 days! If your borrower needs a quick close, our simple, asset-based investor mortgage programs, digital LOS, and experienced team of investment

North Carolina Single Family Rental

Philadelphia, PA

While the investor could have easily qualified for traditional financing, they required a quicker close to secure the deal on this multi-family property. We responded by closing the deal in just 12 days using our asset-based, FlexTerm mortgage program

Philadelphia Multi-Family

San Bernardino, CA

Because the seller of this inherited mixed-use property did not have access to lease agreements, rent history, and other required documentation, the broker turned to Velocity to provide a flexible, asset-based mortgage solution.

San Bernardino CA Mixed-Use

Phoenix, AZ

The self-employed investor for this single family rental property in Phoenix needed a long-term, fixed-rate mortgage and a quick, 27-day close to acquire the property. Their broker recommended our asset-based FlexTerm mortgage program with a flexible 30-year term as

Phoenix AZ SFR