Weston, FL

We funded a cash-out refinance for this single family residential investment property in Weston, Florida within 14 days of application using our FlexPerm loan program, which offers a 3- or 30-year fixed term amortized over 30 years.

Westin, FL

Bellevue, WA

A cash-out refinance on this $1.2 million single family residential investment property in Bellevue, Washington was completed in just 27 days and generated an $11,700 commission for the broker.

Bellevue, WA Featured Funding

Norfolk, VA

Funding for the cash-out refinance of this Norfolk, VA single-family residential investment property was completed in just 21 days from the application date and generated a $5,040 broker commission.

Norfolk, VA Featured Funding

Kirkland, WA

Using our FlexPerm loan program, we funded the rate-term refinance on this $1.5 million single family residential investment property in just 13 days. This deal generated $14,625 in broker commissions.

Kirkland, WA Rate-Term Refinance

Flushing, NY

We funded this simple cash-out refinance for a mixed-use property in Flushing, NY, providing capital for property upgrades and new equipment, including the roof, plumbing, HVAC, paint, security systems, floors and foundation. At Velocity, we see possibilities, not just

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Orlando, FL

Using our fixed-rate FlexPerm mortgage solution, the broker for this Orlando, FL single-family residential investment property generated $4,940 for this $98,800 cash-out refinance.

Orlando, FL Featured Funding

Collegeville, PA

Using our fixed-rate FlexPerm loan program, we funded this cash-out refinance in 20 days. The quick close provided the investor with the funds needed to purchase an additional investment property and expand their real estate holdings.

Collegeville, PA

Atlanta, GA

After 45 days of waiting for another lender to process their loan, the borrower on this single-family investment property purchase was ready to cancel. Velocity stepped in to close the deal in two weeks, saving the transaction for both

Atlanta, GA

Pembroke Pines, FL

When an independent real estate investor couldn’t qualify for a conventional loan, her broker turned to Velocity for a fast, cash-out refinance on this SFR investment property. We closed the loan in 31 days, allowing the investor to secure

Pembroke Pines, FL

Los Angeles, CA

Quick, efficient, and hassle-free. Velocity closed this cash-out refinance on a Los Angeles duplex investment property in just 20 days from submission to funding.

Los Angeles, CA