Atlanta, Georgia

After a hard money purchase loan for this warehouse fell through due to a low LTV and added costs, the broker turned to Velocity. Our speed and flexibility allowed us to fund the loan with a higher LTV using

Warehouse in Atlanta, GA

Sacramento, CA

We funded the purchase of this warehouse with a 8-year fixed, 30-year fully amortized adjustable rate mortgage for a first time investor.

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1709

Westminster, CA

We funded the purchase of a commercial office in this building with a 3-year fixed, 30-year fully amortized adjustable rate mortgage.

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1711

Long Beach, CA

We funded the purchase of this industrial investment property in Long Beach, earning the broker a $28,195 commission on the sale.

Huntington Beach, CA

In jeopardy of losing their earnest money deposit because the conventional lender was taking too long, the broker turned to Velocity. We funded the purchase with our fixed-rate FlexPerm loan with a 7-day close, saving the investor from losing

Huntington Beach, CA

Raleigh, NC

Even with limited income documentation, it only took 26 days to fund the purchase of this owner-occupied, small commercial office property. Using our FlexPerm loan, the broker provided their client a fixed interest rate for 30 years with no

Raleigh, NC

Miami, FL

The owner of a private yacht booking service needed a new office to expand his business in Miami.  Because this waterfront building was a mix of residential condos and commercial office suites, it didn’t meet GSE requirements for a

Miami, FL

Opa-Locka, FL

Because this commercial warehouse property was inherited less than one year ago, banks wouldn’t fund a cash-out refinance. We looked deeper, determined that the buyer made on-time payments, and responded with a 30-year fixed-rate loan through our FlexPerm mortgage

Opa-Locka, FL

Brandon, FL

The broker had an investor who was struggling to build their portfolio. After purchasing their first property, by way of conventional lending, they found it difficult to receive funding for a second purchase. The broker led them to Velocity,

Monteverde, FL

West Chester, PA

An experienced borrower wanted to begin purchasing investment properties for their son, with the hopes of growing his budding real estate business. The borrower’s longtime broker sought an investment property lender that could deliver expert service and close quickly.

West Chester, PA commercial office