New York, NY

We funded the refinance of this mixed-use upper-westside property with a 3-year fixed, 30-year fully amortized adjustable-rate mortgage.

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1706

Flushing, NY

We funded this simple cash-out refinance for a mixed-use property in Flushing, NY, providing capital for property upgrades and new equipment, including the roof, plumbing, HVAC, paint, security systems, floors and foundation. At Velocity, we see possibilities, not just

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1806

Brooklyn, NY

We funded the purchase of this fully occupied mixed-use property in just 24 days using our 30-year, fixed-rate FlexPerm loan program. Available in a 3-year or 30-year term, each amortized over 30 years and with no balloon payment, the

Brooklyn, NY

San Bernardino, CA

Because the seller of this inherited mixed-use property did not have access to lease agreements, rent history, and other required documentation, the broker turned to Velocity to provide a flexible, asset-based mortgage solution.

San Bernardino CA Mixed-Use

St. Albans, NY

The investor for this mixed-use property in the heart of Queens needed a quick close and flexible underwriting, so the broker chose Velocity. Our team of experienced investment property specialists closed the loan within three weeks, meeting the investor’s

St. Albans, NY commercial retail