Velocity investors purchase multiple properties

Independent real estate investors purchase multiple properties.

Independent real estate investors purchase multiple properties.

In general, real estate investors tend to own more than one property.  However, the incidence of multiple property ownership among Velocity borrowers is significantly higher among those who own single-family investment (SFI) properties and condominiums.

QUESTION: How many of the following types of investment properties do you currently own?

Base: Velocity Investors (N=66). Other Investors (N=221). Values indicate the number of properties owned by each type of investor.

On average, Velocity investors who purchase SFIs tend to own significantly more properties (4.6 versus 2 for other investors).  The same is true for condominiums, where Velocity customers own 2.8 properties versus 1.6 for other investors.


Servicing real estate investors provides an increased opportunity for repeat business. The typical home loan borrower signs only eight mortgages in a lifetime. That averages out to only one loan every five years. In contrast, the number of properties purchased by real estate investors and small business owners far exceeds the number of properties purchased by a home loan borrower. 

Because investors purchase significantly more properties, brokers must maintain consistent brand awareness among their existing investor clients by checking in regularly through email campaigns and phone calls to ensure they’re always on the short list when a new funding opportunity presents itself.