Powell, Ohio

The experienced real estate investor seeking a long-term, fixed-rate, high-LTV loan for this 5-bedroom single-family rental property needed the flexible underwriting of our asset-based FlexTerm mortgage program due to a low credit score. Their real estate investment experience allowed

Powell, Ohio SFR

Los Angeles, CA

The investor who recently purchased this newly built condo for cash wanted to use the property’s equity to expand their real estate portfolio. Velocity funded a speedy 75% LTV cash-out refinance with our 30-year, fixed-rate FlexTerm loan, which provided

Los Angeles, CA condo

Franklin, TN

To use this 10-acre ranch house as a short-term vacation rental and event venue, the investor needed a cash-out refinance to rehab the property and attract renters. Our FlexTerm mortgage program provided a long-term, fixed-rate with flexible underwriting and

Franklin, TN investor 1-4

South San Francisco, CA

We funded the refinance of this 3-unit, investor 1-4 property with a 3-year fixed, 30-year, fully amortized adjustable-rate mortgage.

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1707

Brooklyn, NY

We funded the cash-out refinance of this 104-year-old brownstone with a 3-year fixed, 30-year fully amortized adjustable rate mortgage.

Velocity Investment Property Loans #1710

Seattle, WA

We funded the purchase of this single family investment property in only 14 business days from submission to funding with no credit score or W-9s requested. The broker’s fee for this transaction was $83,588.

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1712

Washington, D.C.

We funded the purchase of this Investor 1-4 with a 3-year fixed, 30-year fully amortized ARM. This sale earned the broker a $19,250 commission. Velocity is a nationwide direct portfolio lender specializing in financing commercial and investment properties for

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1801

Los Angeles, CA

In just 34 days from submission to funding, the cash-out refinance for this four-unit quadplex provided the borrower with $125,000 to upgrade this property and invest in other income properties.

Velocity Investment Property Loans – #1802

Palos Verdes, CA

We funded this cash-out refi of a single family investment property used as a board and care facility in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. In less than 30 days, we turned a bank decline into a funded loan, providing cash

Weston, FL

We funded a cash-out refinance for this single family residential investment property in Weston, Florida within 14 days of application using our FlexPerm loan program, which offers a 3- or 30-year fixed term amortized over 30 years.

Westin, FL