New York, NY

To attract renters seeking an updated, higher-end apartment, the investor of this quadplex near the Hudson River needed funds to rehab the property. Velocity’s simple loan qualification and streamlined processing for a quick close were the reasons the broker

New York city quadplex

Decatur, GA

Faced with the existing lender of this fix-and-flip triplex backing out mid-project — as well as multiple declines by other lenders — the investor needed a deal with the certainty to close, quickly. Velocity’s flexible underwriting, fast processing and

Decatur, GA fix and flip triplex

Fulshear, TX

After the investor’s loan was rejected by another lender, the broker called us. A quick close, simple underwriting and flexible terms were key. Velocity stepped in to help the investor maintain the purchase deal and acquire the property with

Single family residence in Fulshear, TX

Fort Myers, FL

The investor of this luxury waterfront SFR needed financing to pay off their construction loan. Our Flex I/O mortgage program provided an interest-only, two-year term loan with lower overall closing costs and time to refinance once rates for a

Waterfront SFR in Fort Myers, FL

Alpharetta, GA

Seeking flexibility and the certainty to close. The investor for this prime-location SFR wanted to refinance from a hard money loan to secure a lower, long-term rate. Knowing that the investor also needed flexible underwriting, the broker felt confident

Alpharetta, GA SFR Refinance

Nashville, TN

With flexible underwriting, streamlined processing, and better terms than hard money, we recently refinanced seven separate SFR rental properties using our Flex-Term mortgage program, providing the borrower with additional capital to expand their real estate portfolio. 

One of a 7 SFR refinance in Nashville, TN

Powell, Ohio

The experienced real estate investor seeking a long-term, fixed-rate, high-LTV loan for this 5-bedroom single-family rental property needed the flexible underwriting of our asset-based FlexTerm mortgage program due to a low credit score. Their real estate investment experience allowed

Powell, Ohio SFR

Los Angeles, CA

The investor who recently purchased this newly built condo for cash wanted to use the property’s equity to expand their real estate portfolio. Velocity funded a speedy 75% LTV cash-out refinance with our 30-year, fixed-rate FlexTerm loan, which provided

Los Angeles, CA condo

Franklin, TN

To use this 10-acre ranch house as a short-term vacation rental and event venue, the investor needed a cash-out refinance to rehab the property and attract renters. Our FlexTerm mortgage program provided a long-term, fixed-rate with flexible underwriting and

Franklin, TN investor 1-4

South San Francisco, CA

We funded the refinance of this 3-unit, investor 1-4 property with a 3-year fixed, 30-year, fully amortized adjustable-rate mortgage.

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