Phoenix, AZ

The self-employed investor for this single family rental property in Phoenix needed a long-term, fixed-rate mortgage and a quick, 27-day close to acquire the property. Their broker recommended our asset-based FlexTerm mortgage program with a flexible 30-year term as

Phoenix AZ SFR

Los Angeles, CA

The investor of this prime location SFR owns too many properties to qualify for a traditional bank loan, so her broker turned to Velocity for our flexible, asset-based mortgage programs. Our FlexTerm loan program provided the fixed-rate and full

Los Angeles SFR

Corona, NY

The investor of this quadplex was seeking a cash-out refinance, but was turned down by their original lender. When the broker brought the deal to Velocity, our flexible underwriting and fast processing provided the investor with the cash out

Corona, NY Quadplex

Park Forest, IL

Because of the smaller loan amount for this fix-and-flip SFR, it was difficult to find a lender. The broker is a repeat client of Velocity, so he reached out to his account executive. Velocity’s streamlined process created an easy

Park Forest, IL Fix-and-Flip

Chardon, OH

After the purchase of this single-family rental fell through nine days before closing with another lender, the broker called Velocity. Our speed and flexibility allowed the investor to sign documents within two business days and the loan closed quickly,

Single family rental in Chardon, Ohio.